Satisfaction Survey - Consultancy

In order that we continue to provide the highest quality services to our clients it’s important that we understand what worked well, where we struggled and what we can learn from each engagement.   

Understanding and acting upon this feedback is what helps us continually grow and evolve our services and develop and deliver solutions that meet and exceed our client’s needs.   

You can help us by providing your honest feedback.

How satisfied were you with the service you received, overall?
Was your project/service delivered with a can do & collaborative attitude and approach
Was there proactive, open, honest, consultative and timely communication between us and key project/service personnel throughout the engagement:
Did we provide an outside perspective and demonstrate creative and flexible approaches to delivering your project/service?
Do you feel that your project/service expectations were met?
Do you feel that we added value to the project/service objectives beyond and above the contracted scope?
Based on your experience of our performance, would you engage us for relevant future projects/services?
Please describe any areas where you think we could improve the quality, style and/or impact of our services?
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Based on your experience, would you be open to paying it forward and providing a testimonial to help others (who have not previously worked with us) to understand the benefits/experience.
If yes please provide you name, contact details and your testimonial below.
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Other comments/reflections/recommendations?
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